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Protect your website and optimize its performance

Cloud-based service - no hardware or software required

Web Application Firewall - total protection

Protection against all types of DDoS Attacks

Global CDN - Optimizes your website performance and speed

Ability to monitor and manage - security settings and attacks in real time

Get started quickly!

Premium Website Security

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Cloud based IP Telephony

Only use features that your business requires

Licenses instead of subscriptions

Scalable, flexible and cost effective

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Comprehensive solution for endpoint security.

Protects all units

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Leading solution for communication, collaboration and productivity

We assist you with:


Selection of Office365 service package

Move to Office365

Management of Office365

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Protects your business against Spam and Viruses

Cloud based service

Easy to manage

Receives email even if you experience a server outage

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Network & Data Communication

Connect all locations of your business through a WAN

We offer advanced Internet and Ethernet services

Managed Services - Outsource all Network and Security operations

Our Services

Network & Data Communication

We offer solutions in networking and data communication that are based on our fiber optic network platform. Through this, we deliver advanced Internet and Ethernet services. We also connect together all of a client´s offices into a common WAN (Wide Area Network), we can also provide advanced wireless (WiFi) landscapes. As an option, you can also subscribe and outsource all network and security operations to us through our managed services and for a fixed monthly cost get a full service solution from Excedo.

Premium Website Security

We offer a cloud-based security solution to protect your website against all sorts of online threats. The service comprises a PCI-certified WAF (Web Application Firewall). Your website will load faster and the performance globally will be optimized because distribution takes place over a high-capacity CDN (Content Delivery Network). The service includes advanced protection against DDoS attacks. Everything is delivered as a cloud service which means that it does not require any installation of hardware or software, and it's quick and easy to get started.

Email Security - Mailscreen

We offer the cloud-based service - Mailscreen - that delivers complete protection against email related threats such as spam, viruses, phishing attacks and unwanted Swedish advertising. The service is platform independent and easy to manage. It requires no installation of hardware or software to get started. Feature for Email Continuity is included in the service and it ensures that your business can receive and send email even during an email server outage or connectivity loss. Mailscreen is fully compatible with Office365.

Management & Consulting

For the services we deliver, we offer the opportunity to maximize the benefits of the new service solutions through our operational and management services. For all services provided we deliver support according to SLA with full access to our helpdesk. Depending on the need, we offer possibility to outsource the operations or administration of the services to Excedo through our managed services. The managed services are add-ons to our primary technical services - where you have the option to partly or fully utilize our team of experts for the daily operations and management.

Why choose us?

Our combined industry experience within the field enables us to deliver the right services and support in all phases of the cooperation.
Customer focus
We work with customized solutions tailored to specific customer needs and deliver them with high a degree of service level.
We focus on delivering industry-leading technical services to create safety and security for our customers.
We offer complete solutions as we also provide managed services that is a full service offering.
We work with global leading industry companies in order to create solutions that are as complete as possible.

Our partners

Within Excedo Networks there is an expert team that is working in specialareas, Domains, Premium Anycast DNS, SSL Certificates, Trademarks, Online Brand Protection and Advisory & Management.

Excedo Networks helps organizations to secure and protect their brands and company names traditionally and digitally. In combination with technical operation-, security- and monitoring services, we enable control, availability and protection for the company's digital presence and identity as well as brands.

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