Secondary Premium Anycast DNS

Elevate the power and reach of your own DNS infrastructure

Sometimes the field of DNS requires businesses to keep and maintain their own DNS infrastructure. Adding Excedo Secondary Premium Anycast DNS to your existing solution extends your global footprint.


With Secondary Premium Anycast DNS, you use the power of our Rock-Solid DNS service but connect to our infrastructure with your own primary master server and use our API to create and delete zones. By trusting Excedo Premium Anycast, you will notice a massive improvement in your availability and performance, while still control everything through your own primary master.

Excedo Premium Anycast DNS 

  • 100% uptime across one of the most robust and advanced anycast networks in the world
  • Multiple independent and separated anycast networks
  • Intelligent connections that optimise global routing if an Anycast instance is unavailable 
  • Industry-leading security and resilience against DDoS attacks
  • Seamless global maintenance of all your name servers and data sets 
  • Simplified DNS management, improved load sharing and DDoS mitigation 
  • Reduced latency and improved response times, leading to improved end user experience  
  • 4 robust independent autonomous AS clouds
  • 24/7/365 support from our DNS experts 

Excedo Premium Anycast as Secondary DNS Service  

  • A quick setup process, no contract lock-in and a simple pricing structure
  • All inclusive, no overcharges for QPS usage and number of records
  • Best-in-class APIs enabling smooth integration with customers own DNS master server
  • Strategic support from our DNS experts

Key benfits for Secondary Premium Anycast DNS


If you only use a primary DNS service, you are exposed to a lot of risks. You might suffer an outage or DDoS attack. If that happens, your online presence will NOT be available until the problem is fixed or the attack is over. That means downtime for websites, apps, online services, mail servers - anything that relies on a DNS query being completed.  It makes good business sense to ensure redundancy by having a secondary DNS service.

Global footprint

A secondary DNS service from Excedo will give you a much better global footprint so that user requests from all over the world will be answered using the closest available server. This means that on a day-to-day basis, you will see faster load times, better load balancing and a overall improvement in end-user experience.

High-security zonetransfers

When you have a premium secondary DNS service, you won´t notice any extra administration on your side. All the relevant data held in your primary DNS server is seamlessly copied across to all Excedo Premium Secondary DNS servers. This process (known as zone transfers) happens fully automatically. You get essential redundancy and an improved user experience with no extra work needed from you.


Excedo commits to providing performance guarantees as part of the service offering. Fast DNS lookups are critical to providing the best website and app performance.

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