How secure are your online transactions?

Tired of keeping track of expiration dates for your certificates - causing your online services to stop working? Using certificates for your online services is crucial to keep your online transactions secure.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates create the foundation for a safe and secure Internet. They secure Internet connections by encrypting data sent between your browser, the website you are visiting and the website server, ensuring that data is transmitted privately and without modifications.

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Code Signing Certificate

Ensure authenticity and code integrity for your applications and software by using digital signatures - creating trust for your customers.

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Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) ensure company authentication through digital logos. They are the only way to validate your brand online - and allows you to display the logo in your outbound email communication. 

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Digital Identifies

Seamlessly connect to public and private organizations with server and customer identification solutions.

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Why choose us?

Through the centralization of SSL Certificates and other digital security products to Excedo your company will have the right protection for the right purpose and save both time and money.

Quality products 
A wide range of products from leading suppliers of SSL Certificates and digital security products.

Centralized portofolio

Consolidation of all your products leads to better overview and control.

Advisory & support

Our experts help select the right certificates for your needs.


We monitor validity and renewals, which eliminates the risk of downtime on critical online resources.

Easy billing

You avoid advance payments by credit card and will be billed after products are issued.

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