SSL Certificates

Increase data privacy

SSL Certificates create the foundation for a safe and secure Internet. They secure Internet connections by encrypting data sent between your browser, the website you are visiting and the website server, ensuring that data is transmitted privately and without modifications.

Why should you use SSL Certificates?

SSL Certificates are both an identity protection measure for online brands and a security measure for companies transmitting private data online. 

Excedo delivers SSL Certificate products from all major Certificate Authorities (CAs).

Contact us to see which certificate is most suited to your needs. We will assist you with the entire process, from finding the proper solution and enabling fast issuance and installation assistance, as well as taking care of the monitoring and renewal.

SSL products available – ensure your digital identity's security!

We make certificate management easy with our full service solutions

Consolidate existing certificates

We help you to take control by centralising all certificate products to one provider. Our specialists will perform the consolidation without you losing time on your existing products.

SSL Products

Excedo provides mainly below SSL certificates in different configurations and flavours.

Standard Server SSL Certificate

Standard server SSL certificates are used when only one Internet address needs to be secured and are often used for company websites, eg

Level of validations performed

Excedo manage the validation process to make the delivery of the SSL product smooth and easy.

Domain Validated (DV)

SSL Certificates that are easy to issue as it is only validated that the client has control over the domain name that the SSL Certificate is related to.

No company related information is published in the issued SSL Certificate.

Interested in how we can assist you with your SSL certificate management?

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