Information about Cookies

Excedo’s site uses cookies. According to the Electronic Communications Act, anyone who visits a website with cookies shall receive information that the website contains cookies and the purpose of its use. The user should also be able to agree on whether cookies should be stored on the computer, which can be administrated through the settings in the user’s browser.

What are cookies?

This site contains two different types of cookies. Permanent cookies, which is a text file stored on your computer and temporary cookies, so called session cookies, which are only stored temporarily and disappear when you close your browser. Cookies are used to optimize website performance, and to be able to analyze statistics so that we, in our contacts with you can provide the best possible service and offers.

How do I say no to cookies?

If you do not accept cookies, you can configure your browser so that the cookie files are not downloaded to your computer. You can also choose to configure your browser so that you get the opportunity to decide whether to allow each new cookie that a website sends to your computer. Such configuration enables you to become aware of a cookie before it is stored and choose whether to accept that it is stored or not. Temporary cookies are necessary to navigate the Excedo website. The site will not function as intended if temporary cookies are not accepted.

More information

More information on cookies is available at the Post and Telecom Agency website