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Are you looking to acquire a domain name that someone else owns? Do you want to start an online business? Maybe you’re wondering how to properly protect your company name and brands globally. Excedo provides services within Digital IP Management that provide you with control and comfort, knowing that your company is secure online.

Corporate domain management

Managing domain name portfolios can be challenging – yet it is essential for the functioning of businesses. Excedo can help you register, acquire and protect your domain names in a streamlined way.  

Manage my domain names

Global domain name registration

Registering the right domain name (or online address) boosts the possibility of being found online where your products and services are offered. Register and secure your domain now and for the future with Excedo’s help.  

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Domain name consolidation

Are you feeling overwhelmed by domain name transfer? Are you concerned about potential service interruptions and downtime for your company-wide website and email? We can help.

Consolidate my domain names

Domain name disputes

Online trademark and brand infringements are rapidly increasing, resulting in consequences for online businesses. Enforce your domain protection and secure your brand, wherever you are in the world.

Enforce my protection

Domain name acquisitions

You just found the ideal domain name for your business- but it’s already taken! Our dedicated team are experts in scouring the aftermarket to secure and purchase the perfect domain name. 

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Domain name security

Your company's domain name is its most valuable digital asset. Secure your domain, company-wide email and communication systems against cyber-attacks to protect your brand’s reputation and avoid financial consequences. 

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Digital trademark protection

What’s the best way to protect your company’s reputation and finances? Secure your business against fraudulent activity including: cybersquatting, typo-squatting, domain spoofing and impersonation.

Protect my trademarks

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