Corporate Domain Management

Proactive brand protection

Managing corporate domain portfolios is one of the most challenging (but most important) functions of an organization. Responsibilities are often shared between business units including Digital (Branding/Marketing), IP and IT Managers. A company’s digital identity is dependent on the domain names that the organization registers, acquires, protects, and maintains in its portfolio.

We are proud to be experts in Corporate Domain Management. We can assist you to take control, protect, manage and monitor your domain name portfolio globally. Our client managers will help you develop a domain name strategy based on your company's needs, keeping in mind knowledge about trends, threats, and possibilities within the global domain name arena. 

Excedo’s Corporate Domain Management removes challenges and enables a more proactive approach to protecting your brands online.

Global domain name portfolio

All domains related to your organization are managed in one place, including the management of domains shared between multiple stakeholders.

Strategic Advisory

Get advice from an expert in the domain name and digital IP area.

Legal Ownership

Ensuring that domains are owned by the correct legal entity to secure your rights to your digital IP assets.

Dedicated Client Management

Getting to know your business is key for providing strategic advice based on your needs.

Cost control and invoicing

Centralized management allowing for easier administration, as well as cost control for the corporate domain name management. Invoice instead of paying by credit card.

Warranty and Domain Renewals

Excedo monitors your domain names and assures that they are renewed and stay active.

Access Control Management

Providing stakeholders with different levels of user access to ensure visibility, as well as limiting allowed actions according to organizational structure.

Online Portal

Access to your domain name portfolio through an online portal

Your partner in Digital IP Management

Excedo can help you create a comprehensive domain name policy and domain strategy that covers the scope for your domain name protection. Additionally, we create structure regarding internal access for technical management, specifying who is allowed to do what.

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