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Mitigate malicious behaviour

Despite having a well-developed corporate domain name portfolio, you cannot escape the fact that cybercrime is steadily increasing. Online fraudulent activities such as cybersquatting, typo squatting, domain spoofing and impersonation take place every day. Consequences for companies can be devastating and include reputation damages and large financial losses.


Cybercriminals can leverage your company and brand names without you knowing.

There are numerous ways to deceive people online, such as registration of domain names that are similar or identical to company names, brand names, products or services often referred to as cybersquatting or domain squatting. For example, instead of The number of variants available to register a similar domain name, also referred to as typosquatting is more or less unlimited and can performed in different ways by typographical errors, spelling errors, alternative spellings, false domain ending, alternating the TLD extension or country code and hyphenating the domain name.  

The most common malicious intents by cyber criminals when registering a domain name similar to your brand:

Using the domain name for phising purpose.

Re-directing traffic.

Creating fake websites to spread ransomware or extortion purposes.

Selling domain names to your company for a higher price.

Selling domain names to one of your competitors.

Setting up a similar business and leveraging your reputation.

Creating fake websites using the domain names to attract visitors.

Earning money through affiliate marketing.

Copying your brand and selling counterfeit goods.

Excedo provides services to protect your brand against online infrigement.


Extend your domain portfolio strategy by using Domain Blocking services as a complement to your brand protection. Trademark owners can also benefit from enrolling your trademarks to the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) to gain access to a variety of protection features.

Excedo provides TMCH management and Domain Blocking services from brand protection and DNS abuse programs such as Domains Protected Mark List (DPML), AdultBlock and more. Domain Blocking is a cost-effective way to defend against cybersquatting and DNS abuse.


Monitor 300M+ domain names and new registrations for any keyword (including non-trademarked terms) to detect infringements and get email alerts with our Domain Monitoring service. While Domain Blocks and TMCH protect your brand marks,

Domain Monitoring enables you to fill in the gaps for important terms that may be generic or even to use it for analysing domain registration activity by competitors.


To protect your brands online, a part of the journey is to be able to react when an infringement is detected. Excedo provides domain dispute services as well as phishing website take down services to protect your brand online from fraudulent activities with malicious intents.

Are you lacking a comprehensive strategy and protection for your digital trademarks?

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