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Do you want to legitimise your company communication online? We offer comprehensive solutions to reassure your stakeholders that you care about their digital safety- so you can continue building strong relationships. 

Enhanced security and brand visibility with BIMI + VMC

The ongoing development to create effective protection for email communication has reached a new level through the current standards Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) and Verified Mark Certificate (VMC). 

These standards supplement DMARC and unite IT security and brand identity. Through the use of BIMI and VMC, email recipients see your logo in their email before they have opened it. This way, recipients can be confident that emails originate from you.

What is BIMI?

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is an emerging standard that makes it easy for organizations to display their brand logo on outgoing emails. By implementing BIMI, organizations can display their trademark protected logo to email recipients using email clients that support BIMI. The recipient will see the logo both directly in their inbox and when opening the email. This allows the recipient to feel confident about the email being authentic.  

What is VMC?

Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) is a security certificate issued to your organization that allows you to use your logo in your BIMI implementation. During the issuance process of VMC, validation is performed on your organization, your domain and your right to use the logo. You need to have completed your DMARC deployment with the proper security level and secured the right to your figurative trademark in order to receive a VMC issued to your organisation.


BIMI check

Is your domain BIMI ready? With our free online BIMI check tool, you can get started with making your company’s email stand out in a crowded inbox.

Our BIMI checker is fully in line with the latest specifications. It is the perfect tool to help you verify if your published records are valid. It is specifically made to give you all the information you need to set up your BIMI correctly. 

Perform your own BIMI record lookup and check the status of your implementation progress. 

First, BIMI checker analyze if the contents of your BIMI record are valid. Then it analyses your DMARC records for the recommended policy (either quarantine or reject). Lastly, it reviews the VMC certificate: is it there, and is it valid?

The BIMI checkup is free of charge, and you will receive an answer to your e-mail within 5 minutes.

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Why use BIMI and VMC?

Your customers will know that security is important to your organization as you are compliant with the latest security standards. They can trust that emails actually come from you

Security and deliverability of your outgoing email increases

Your company logo will be visible in the customer's inbox even before they have opened the email

A study carried out for the service showed an increased rate of opened email by 10% 

Your brand is more visible, thus increasing brand awareness


Benefits of deploying BIMI and VMC

 To gain full protection of your email and of your brand, you need to combine elements from both IT and the law. Excedo can assist you achieve this regardless of which of the areas below you currently are missing.  

Interested in how we can assist you with your BIMI deployment?

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