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Rock-solid DNS service

Excedo is proud to be one of the most trusted DNS Anycast constellations on the Internet. We have 100+ nodes across 6 continents and a track record of ensuring 100% uptime across a global network. With the addition of Excedo Premium Anycast DNS, we provide a complete suite of authoritative DNS services.

With more than 20 years of DNS experience, we have established expertise in providing rock-solid DNS (Domain Name System) services. Built upon multiple independent and separated anycast networks you can stay assured that your customers will reach your online resources without delays and risks of interruptions.

Our authoritative DNS service is offered as a fully managed DNS service, or you can easily extend your own DNS infrastructure by using our Premium Anycast DNS as a secondary DNS service.

Excedo will perform an advanced health examination of your DNS with Excedo Zonemaster. As a bonus, you will get a better understanding of how the domain name system (DNS) works. When a domain (also called zone) is sent to Excedo Zonemaster, the service investigates the state of the domain from beginning to end.

This is done through Excedo Zonemaster examining DNS from the root (.) to the TLD (top-level domain, for example, .se), and then finally through the DNS servers that contain information about the specified domain (for example, excedo.se).

Excedo Zonemaster is also able to perform other tests, such as checking the DNSSEC signatures, that different hosts can be accessed and that the IP addresses are valid. This is all to make sure that your domain runs as well as possible.

The health check is free of charge, and you will receive an answer to your e-mail within 5 minutes.

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Managed Premium Anycast DNS

With Managed Premium Anycast DNS, Excedo provides an established system of name servers that you can take advantage of. That way, you can host and manage all your DNS data (DNS records) and make the domain available online directly from our control panel where you could add, modify or remove DNS records 24/7/365 totally managed. As an option, you can fully outsource the DNS administration to Excedo to ensure your operation and protect you from incorrect DNS changes.

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Secondary Premium Anycast DNS

With Secondary Premium Anycast DNS your receive the benefits that you could ensure redundacy, reliability and a faster end-user experience. 
You use the power of Excedo rock-solid DNS service but connect to our infrastructure with your own primary master server and use our Enterprise API to create and delete zones. By trusting a Excedo Secondary Premium Anycast DBS, you  still control everything through your own primary master.

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DNS is often the most common reason for online interruptions/outages.

Excedo Premium Anycast DNS equips your brand with a secure, reliable and scalable solution that ensures highest availability for your company´s digital online resources.

How am I affected by a DNS interruption/outage?


Your credibility after an interruption/outage will take time to repair.

Productivity loss

Your employees morale and employee confidence in IT will be adversely affected.

Revenue loss

The loss of revenue due to interruptions/outages could severely affect the business. 

Impact to cash-flow

Without a functional web service (e-commerce) the cash-flow will be negatively impacted.

Damage to reputation and goodwill

Outage for an extended time period could cause potential devasting results to your business.

Compliance and/or reporting penalties

If the DNS is used for critical services, compliance could be impacted and penalties may need to be paid.

Impact on customers and strategic partners

Your customers and partners will not be able to reach your web server or other infrastructure that is dependent on DNS.

Dimished competitive advantage

Competitors will leverage on your DNS outage.

The power of our global Anycast DNS Network

Reduced response time and better distribution of DNS queries - locally and globally

Increased availability for all online resources - 100% guaranteed name-resolution

Rock-Solid global security and protection against potential DDoS attacks

123 Active nodes globally

97 Nodes14 Nodes12 Nodes

100% Rock-Solid uptime (guaranteed SLA for name resolution)

Is free DNS a good deal for your business?

The answer to this question is simple, no. The biggest difference between a premium and free DNS is the warranty of 100% name resolution 24/7/365. A free DNS solution could stop working any time and cause severe damage for your businesses operations with a direct result to revenue loss. In a free DNS service you have no one to call and ask for help.

Excedo Premium Anycast DNS
Free DNS
Experts and specialists in DNS
No DNS specialists
Paid service
Free service
24/7/365 from our NOC
No personnel that monitor
100% SLA
No guarantee for uptime and availability
Service Focus
Primary service area and 100% focus
Focus on other main services

Smoother processes

Anycast DNS enables several independent servers to share the same IP address. With Anycast, you seamlessly maintain identical data sets in all locations. This brings your DNS services closer to end users, reducing latency and improving redundancy and resilience. The benefits of the Excedo Premium Anycast DNS service also include simplified DNS management, improved load sharing and DDoS mitigation.

Ensure redundancy and resilence

Anycast allows for multiple name servers to be distributed globally. If an Anycast instance is unavailable, the system automatically reroutes queries to an available location. Using Anycast is the best thing you can do to protect your business from DDoS attacks.

Reduce latency

The distributed nature of an Anycast network means users’ queries are routed to the closest available name server. This provides significantly improved response times.

Simplify and save $

With DNS Anycast, you seamlessly maintain all your name servers across the world.

DDoS mitigation

DDoS attacks can have a serious impact on your business. Excedo Premium Anycast DNS protects your brand by providing:

  • One of the most robust and advanced Anycast networks in the world designed for diversity and resilience against DDoS attack
  • 24x7 monitoring and management by our expert staff ensures timely response and mitigation of DDoS attacks
  • Expertise in profiling and mitigating DDoS attacks
  • A range of tools that can filter out bad traffic and isolate attacks
  • Track record of 100% service availability during our entire existence

Secure your DNS service

Using just one DNS provider or solution exposes your customers to unnecessary risks. Adding Excedo Premium Anycast DNS service is a simple, cost-effective way to improve resilience, reduce latency and protect your business against DNS outage.

Must have features for Rock-Solid DNS


Use DNSSEC to protect your domains

The DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) protocol has existed for more than a decade. It uses digital signatures to enable DNS records to be authenticated and is the industry standard for protecting against DNS hijacking and man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. Making sure your domains are protected by DNSSEC is a vital part of your network security.

Be global and local

Use a DNS service with a strong global footprint and good spread of sites in the regions most important to your business. Make sure the Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures high availability and a sufficient minimum number of available sites at all all times.

Don't rely on a single solution

Using just one type of DNS solution exposes you you to a high risk of failure. Use multiple solutions to guarantee 100% uptime.

Highly recommended features for Rock-Solid DNS

Choose an experienced provider

DNS is critical for your brand. When choosing a provider, look for an organisation that has a high level of DNS expertise, a proven track record of running a high available global service and the competence to help tailor a DNS solution to meet your specific network needs.

Follow best practices

There are a range of tools that help keeping domains secure. Using registration features like RegistryLock can protect domain names from being changed, while using classic access control lists helps protect applications, Internet traffic and monitoring tools.

Read more about Domain Name Security

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