A functioning network and data communications solution is nowadays mission critical for businesses. High demands are set on the quality, capacity and availability of a network in order for businesses to be able to work in a shared IT-environment and over the Internet. The internal IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly diffuse as it is outsourced to external parties, which means that the data network must be able to manage these complex environments where there is a mix of IT resources that are geographically separated. These together form the core and backbone of a company’s IT infrastructure.

Excedo’s network and data communications services are based on our fiber optic network platform, enabling the delivery of advanced services with high availability and service level.



Excedo deliver - high quality and reliability - fiber and copper based Internet Services in Scandinavia.


Excedo delivers network connections between one or more connection points using Layer 2 Ethernet technology. The solution facilitates minimal delay in data communication.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

Excedo delivers data communication solutions that connects all offices of a company that are geographically separated to a WAN (Wide area Network).


Excedo deliver WiFi services to companies that want to create wireless landscapes that meets high requirements for network performance, security and reliability.