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Securing web applications and APIs from emerging and evolving threats is critical for business success. However, securing digital properties amid cloud journeys, modern DevOps practices and changing applications introduces new challenges. 

Deploying a holistic web application and API protection solution strengthens your security by updating protections and delivering insights on targeted vulnerabilities. Webscreen is a single solution that brings together security technologies including web application firewall, bot mitigation, API security, and DDoS protection. 

Webscreen is recognized as the leading attack detection solution. It quickly identifies and mitigates threats beyond the traditional firewall to protect businesses against attacks. The user-friendly platform provides holistic visibility and automatically implements up-to-date, customized protections with the Webscreen Adaptive Security Engine.

Tailor defenses to the latest applications and threats

Dynamically adapt protection to evolving attacks.

Simplify with automated updates and self tuning

Minimize effort with Webscreen managed updates and machine learning–powered self tuning.

Empower developers and security teams

Operationalise security with a choice of popular tools and deploy them within a CI/CD pipeline.

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Know for certain if your business is under attack.

Protect your website

Automatically protect your website from different threats.

Security out-of-the-box

Security works out-of-the-box and is ideal for understaffed IT teams.

Asessment from security experts

Receive a complimentary risk assessment report from security experts.

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The power of adaptive security

Webscreen ensures that your security protection is continually and automatically updated. You receive customized policy recommendations that are implemented with a single click.

Webscreen Adaptive Security Engine is the technology at the core of Webscreen. It provides protection by combining machine learning, real-time security intelligence, advanced automation and insights from more than 400 threat researchers. Other benefits include:

Analyzes the characteristics of every request in real time at the edge for faster detection

Learns attack patterns by leveraging both local and global data to make customer-specific protection adjustments

Adapts to future threats, which ensures updated protections as attacks evolve

Webscreen Adaptive Security Engine alleviates the burden of time-consuming, manual tuning with zero-touch updates for a hands-off experience. Detection is improved 2x and false positives are reduced 5x. Security professionals can be heroes again, with more time to focus on enabling secure and customer-friendly digital business operations.

More than app protection

Webscreen industry-leading API security increases your protection by providing visibility to traffic across your digital estate, proactively revealing vulnerabilities, identifying environmental changes, and protecting against hidden attacks. The API Discovery capability alerts security teams to new and often unprotected APIs that are connected by different lines of business. 

Webscreen automatically discovers APIs every 24 hours based on a scoring mechanism that considers response content type, path characteristics and traffic patterns. With API Discovery, you can:

  • Automatically discover a range of known, unknown, and changing APIs across your web traffic, including their endpoints, definitions, and traffic profiles
  • Easily register newly discovered APIs with just a few clicks
  • Ensure API protection against denial of service (DoS), malicious injection, credential abuse attacks, and API specification violations
  • Control sensitive data handling with App & API Protector’s personally identifiable information (PII) reporting feature to remain compliant

The best part? All API requests are automatically inspected for malicious code whether you choose to register them or not, providing strong API security the instant that Webscreen is deployed.

Leading attack detection

As your digital environment grows, so does the depth and breadth of your protections as an Excedo customer. In addition to the automatic updates and adaptive self-tuning that Webscreen Adaptive Security Engine delivers, Webscreen provides analyst-recognized leading detections for distributed denial of service (DDoS), bot, malware, and more attack vectors.

Site Shield

Prevent attackers from bypassing cloud-based protections and targeting your origin infrastructure with this customer-favourite product that is now included in Webscreen. 

DoS/DDoS protection

Recognized as a market-leading DDoS solution, Webscreen instantly drops network-layer DDoS attacks at the edge. You are not only protected from DDoS attacks but also the traffic spikes of an attack — Webscreen DDoS Fee Protection provides credit for any overage fees incurred due to a DDoS attack.

Bot mitigation visibility

Gain real-time visibility into your bot traffic with access to Webscreen's expansive directory of more than 1,700 known bots. Investigate skewed web analytics, prevent origin overload and create your own bot definitions to permit access to third-party and partner bots without obstruction. Increase your bot security controls with Webscreen Bot Manager Premier to protect against credential stuffing, web scraping, mass account creation, inventory manipulation and card cracking.

Malware protection

This add-on scans files before they’re uploaded at the edge to detect and block malware from entering your corporate systems as malicious file uploads. With no additional app or API configuration required, you free up the time you’d spend setting up protection in each system individually.

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Advanced security management 

The optional Advanced Security Management module has automation and configuration flexibility for those with more complex application environments and advanced security needs. While automatic updates are recommended, this option provides a manual mode of operation that enables granular actions and the ability to activate updates when desired. You can also use Evaluation Mode to test new updates alongside current protections and understand improvements in accuracy before deployment. The Advanced Security Management option also includes additional configurations, rate controls, policies, custom rules, positive API security, and access to IP reputation threat intelligence (Client Reputation) out of the box. 

Managed security service

Standard support is offered 24/7/365 for all Excedo customers. In addition to on-demand professional services for consulting or single-project work, Excedo provides two levels of managed services — fully managed Webscreen and managed attack support.


Stronger security with less effort

Adaptive Proctection 
Automatically and effortlessly pushes the latest protections for your apps and APIs.
Advanced API discovery
Manage risk from new or previously unknown APIs while monitoring for malicious payloads.
DevOps Integration
Manage with a simple, intuitive GUI.
Deeep Attack Visibility
Custom dashboards, real-time alerts, and SIEM integration help you investigate and triage attacks.
Advanced Security Management
Optional advanced controls with more configuration and automation flexibility.
Fast Onboarding
New wizard streamlines the integration and configuration workflow.
Managed Services
Offload or augment management, monitoring, and threat mitigation to our global, 24/7 team.
Bot Mitigation
Detect and mitigate unwanted bot activity before it becomes a larger, more complicated problem.
DDos Protection
Instantly drop network-layer DDoS attacks. Respond to application-layer attacks within seconds.

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