Almost ninety percent of all email traffic consists of spam that can contain both viruses and phishing attacks. It is a security threat to both the private and public sectors. A well-functioning email protection relieves the IT department and enables an increase of productivity of the entire organization.

Mailscreen is a cloud-based security solution with complete protection against all email related threats such as spam, viruses, phishing attacks and unwanted Swedish advertising. The service is platform independent and easy to set up and manage for the IT department.


Stops Spam & Virus

Mailscreen provides comprehensive protection against spam, viruses, phishing and email attacks. Both incoming and outgoing email messages are filtered and protected. The service also includes an enhanced protection against Swedish unwanted advertising.

Cloud based service

Mailscreen is a cloud based service, which means that you get started quickly without any installation of hardware or software. In addition, you always have access to the latest version of the service that is automatically updated.

Email Continuity

With Mailscreens feature for email continuity, you ensure that you can receive and send email even if the company email server crashes or the connection to it goes down. The function is activated automatically when downtime occurs and the user logs into Mailscreens webmail portal in order to continue the work with email. When the server is back up again Mailscreen re-delivers all emails that has been stored during the outage.

Easy administration

Mailscreen requires no installation of hardware or software. The service is administered through an easy to use control panel with the ability to manage settings and rules that are specific to the company. It is also possible to perform searches in the email flows, receive quarantine and statistic reports as well as getting a quick overview of the organizations total flow of emails. End users receive personal quarantine reports delivered to the inbox with the possibilities to manage personal white-/black lists.